I remember when I made a video for a presentation in HS because I thought a power point was just too boring. I had set up the video so that while I was speaking, nothing was interrupting me and when I stopped talking, the video would help me explain shit. So it’s kind of like I was having a conversation with the video. So anybutts, my science teacher went gaga over it. Submitted it to the principal for the whole school district to see it. Of course it got denied because I used copyrighted materials. So instead, they aired it through out our whole school during morning announcements. That video was about global warming. I was a freshman in high school. I used music from an online game that I used to play and bits and pieces from Al Gore’s movie hahahahaha. Happy earth day everyone XOXOXO

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Lol. Ft. Lana del Rey’s Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight

I’m funny, bye.

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Lol snap me bois

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Once Upon A Time is fucking up. I thought that since Jafar and Amara changed the laws of magic in Wonderland, they’d be able to carry that loophole to the original version because they need all the help that they can get right now but nah, they just had to go there. Anyways, that’s disappointment one. Two, i went to Papa Murphy’s with my cowerqqker to grab her lunch today and when I stepped inside the store, everything I can’t put in my mouth and down my throat is suddenly all up in my nose. I cried. Three, this new girl at work bitched me because she didn’t know the real time is. Like sorry, ur stupid and u need to go. She’s getting fired in a few dayz anywayzzz soooo whatevsss. 

Me on grindr. Subtle.
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Me, myself, my chrome nailz, and Conor on the phone. Ft. Nicki Minaj

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Woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did I eat all these bacon?

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