A what?
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*all black outfit comes out of a silver car*

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I remember Christmas of 2011 when I got Zeke for secret Santa and he asked for some hand-made art. So I stayed up until 4 in the morning painting a collection series which probably had like a dozen different pieces. Well anyways, he loved it and hung it in his room for the rest of the school year. In return, Aidan got me a bottle of Nivea lotion and a Lipbalm. The fuck? I felt really salty about it, still do, but never told him or anyone. Now y’all know.

I miss wearing real clothes tbh. Ugh.
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It me.
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So today

I really miss cooking :/
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I was going through my messages to delete irrelevant texts and I found this. Lmao
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Haim at the paramount
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