Date with fucking all day. Ugh everyone hates him lmaooo smh
10.06.11 /15:15/ 1
gpoy (:
I swear I’m gonna go pack soon lmao
09.19.11 /22:35/ 1
I wish I was good at bowling…
09.08.11 /23:20
08.28.11 /03:01/ 10

I’m totally going to miss all the ridiculous photo shoots for everyone’s photo class project lol

Lmaooo I already miss it. Bianca, if you see this, my dorm is just across the street from SU (:
08.27.11 /00:44/ 4

When the hell did we take this?! LOL.

i don’t remember either lmaoooo
08.24.11 /00:02/ 1
Canvas  by  andbamnan